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Who We Are

Mental health difficulty is more than the categorised illnesses and disorders we know, it is something we all have. Stigma, discrimination and isolation is perpetuated by a lack of knowledge and it is what those who seek help are faced with. 


At Mental Pulse we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support. At the core of our efforts is the drive to bring awareness of mental health difficulties and the impact this has on the individual and their greater community. Through passion and innovation our team endeavours to tackle this problem head on.


Awareness Workshops

Awareness talks focusing on the impact issues that cause mental health difficulty. The benefits of mental hygiene and emotional awareness. All delivered on a digital platform.



Transformational life coaching based on cognitive behavioural support elements. Choose from a variety of packages we offer including self-directed, online group or One-on-One personal coaching


Mental Pulse VR Chats

When virtual reality meets mental health. Connect with like minded people who have lived experience and knowledge of mental health difficulty in an engaging and supportive space.




5 days of Mindfulness is like steps you take to being in charge of your decisions

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