Mental health freedom for the youth 2020

June 16 we celebrate youth day in South Africa, remembering the the youth of 1976 who fought against the apartheid regime for political freedom in the midst of all the injustice they faced. We remember and celebrate as it is because of their fight and bravery that the youth of today are able to have the opportunities that they were denied.

The struggle however is not over as young people are still confronted with many obstacles. As a society we are grappling with enormous challenges that require us to unearth the root cause and get to the heart of the problem. By asking how are we equipping young people down the path of success? What are we doing to encourage them to foster a life that not only benefits them but continues the legacy of those who fought so bravely in 1976? and how do we empower them to become resilient as they contend with uncertainty in light of all the societal pressures they face? By asking these questions we will bring to light what is needed to arm young people in their internal fight.

Through out our life journey we are tested, this is an inevitable part of life. Fostering good mental health allows young people to develop resilience and cope with whatever life throws at them. We all have a right to good mental health

Encouraging mental health awareness conversations, sharing knowledge and experiences to find solutions together, we can walk this path and fight our battle as the youth of 1976 did. Together we can shine the light on the importance of good mental health for better quality of life.

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