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Its said that we will all experience mental health difficulty at some point in our life time. That may come in form of a formal diagnosis or not but the effect is one that leaves us feeling alone and isolated. Looking at my own experience there have been times in my life I have struggled with my mental health wellness. I’ve experienced varying amounts of difficulty. From experiencing bullying when I was younger and ultimately feeling isolated, to identity struggles having migrated to a different country but holding onto my roots as I was so often told I had to do, to growing up and having to navigate the world of adulthood and motherhood (where crying featured frequently, more than I’d like to admit). My journey of self discovery has been a long and winding road but one that has proven to be very interesting, meeting many people a long the way who have contributed to my understanding of the world and ultimately myself (even in my most darkest of times).

Working in mental health was a natural choice for me as I’ve always been interested in why and how we do what we do. This started with my education in psychology then working in the UK for over 5 years where I interacted with various clients in different settings. I realised the importance of support when one is going through difficulty.

Through this eye opening journey I realised how important it is for everyone to take their mental health seriously whether they have a diagnosis or just tackling daily challenges of life which can leave people in distress or even debilitated. In South Africa there is a lack of support for mental health in general and as a society we don't talk about it very much if at all. As the founder of Mental Pulse I seek to create a space to address this issue. To talk and get to the heart of how we see our own mental health and that of those around us. What we can do to reach mental health wellness and eradicate stigma.

What does your mental health mean to you? Join me on this journey

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